What Our Customers Say...

Jeff with Ellerman Construction recently replaced my roof. The job was completed on time and under budget.

I was about to replace my roof by paying cash out of pocket. Jeff suggested I consult my insurance before he started, just in case the damage I had would be covered by insurance.

He made a point to be at my house during the insurance review. He helped point out damage, and was able to help me get my entire roof replacement covered by insurance. He also mentioned to the insurance adjuster that there was damage from the leaking roof on the interior of the house, a point I had not even considered to bring up.

Jeff was a pleasure to work with. He was on time to all of our meetings, which meant a lot since I was always meeting him on my lunch break from work. Jeff answered all of my phone calls personally, even if it meant he had to stop working to do so. When I could not answer his calls, he left short concise messages explaining damage he found, and the work he would do to fix the damage. Several times he also included pictures so I could see what he as talking about.

I was given choices on products I could use on my roof. My choices were for products that needed to be replaced but I was always given a cheaper or more expensive choice. Almost every time I choose the more expensive product because it would perform better and last longer.

I recommend Jeff and Ellerman Construction for all of your construction needs, not just roofing. I feel like I can weed out the bad contractors by meeting with them personally, asking questions and calling their list of referrals, but it’s the little things that make Jeff stand out from all the other construction managers. Jeff’s respectful treatment of my time and money meant more to me than getting my roof fixed.

I have had many projects completed by contractors. Never once has the contractor been on time to every single meeting, and answered every single call I made to them. I’ve also never been given so many opportunities to save money on my project than when Jeff ran my roof replacement.

He even answered a call I made to him past 9:00 PM one night!

My dad has owned his own business my entire life. I know that without good customer service, you do not stay in business. Jeff’s balance of construction knowledge and perfect customer service have made me a client of his for life.

I can’t express enough, my appreciation for the professional, respectful way in which Jeff and Ellerman Construction does business!

I know you will be happy with every stage of your project if you choose Jeff and Ellerman Construction. I will never start another project without first calling Jeff!

John Rabeler
I want to say that we are very pleased with everyone at Ellerman Construction who helped in the process of having my mother’s roof replaced. I had used Ellerman in the past on my own home to replace our roof more than 5 years ago. We were so pleased that they were the first company we thought of when my mom needed her roof repaired. The response time to any of our questions or concerns was amazing. The team at Ellerman was able to coordinate onsite activities with myself and my mother, billing and insurance activities with my brother who lives out of town and provide us with a great guttering company without having to search around. At no time did we ever feel like we were just a number to them, it was almost like you were talking to family. We greatly appreciate everything Ellerman did for us and will refer them to everyone we talk to with roofing and guttering needs.
David Bleyenberg
I have used Rick Ellerman for snow removal at multiple locations since 1989. These locations covered a huge geographical area around the Kansas city area, consisting of office buildings, strip malls, and banking facilities. With the availability of man power and trucks to cover this area he has always been able to take on new locations when needed. A big factor that plays into Rick’s ability to complete the entire snow removal job, is that he stock piles many tons of salt around the metro area so he always has the resources available to quickly coat my drives and parking areas with salt for a safer access in and out of the location needing attention. At some locations there are strict guide lines on procedures on sidewalks and parking surfaces and I can say Rick has always complied too them. Snow removal is costly and Rick knows after many years how I want the sidewalks and drives to look, but he still calls sometimes just to make sure everyone is still on the same page. After all no one likes to second guess and be wrong. Thanks Rick.
Bill Daniels
Facilities Department - Community America Credit Union
Ellerman Snow Removal has been awarded with a unprecedented five year Master Business Agreement to perform snow removal at the YRC Freight Distribution Center Terminal Number # 326 Kansas City Missouri. This Master Business Agreement went from a one year to a five year with just one year of Ellerman Snow Removal servicing this massive mid-west facility. During the initial contract negotiations Rick Ellerman stood by his company, experience, equipment, reputation, and personnel integrity when he stated that he would never let this facility become paralyzed thus disrupting the entire network for YRC Freight nationwide like what almost happened in the 2012-2013 season when the snow removal contractor at the facility could not keep up with the freight flow sequence, salting, and the snow removal process.

YRC Worldwide Inc., a fortune 500 company and one of the largest transportation service providers in the world, is the holding company for a portfolio of successful brands , including YRC Freight, Reimer, New Penn, Holland, and Reddaway. YRC Worldwide has the largest, most comprehensive network in North America with local, regional and national capabilities. Through its team of experienced service professionals, YRC Worldwide offers industry–leading expertise in heavyweight shipments and flexible supply-chain solutions, ensuring customers can ship industrial, commercial and retail goods with confidence. The company has our headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas.

Ellerman snow Removal mobilized every piece of equipment imaginable to the facility 30 days prior to any predictable storms and determined the freight flow and snow removal sequence along with salting requirements well before any snowflakes hit the yard. Rick Ellerman even went one step further to schedule and implement an immediate backup plan from his other snow removal crews around the metro to mobilize on site immediately if needed at the facility. His experienced staff members kept in constant communication with YRC Freight’s key terminal personnel and with the Corporate Office as their state of the art weather tracking storm communication software kept everyone in the loop and the predicted conditions when the storm hit. This enabled Ellerman Snow Removal to keep a constant track of ice buildup on Booth Avenue that if not completely monitored and salted properly the facility would fail as the tractors could not gain access to Highway 40 to leave the facility thus bringing a catastrophic network interruption.

When the 2013-2014 snow season ended Rick Ellerman of Ellerman Snow Removal kept his promise to YRC Freight. This particular winter was gauged as the worst in over 100 years. This 2013-2014 snow season made the history books in the snow removal industry with the entire united states being crippled with massive storms, extreme cold, and a nationwide salt shortage but YRC Freight’s Distribution Center Terminal 326 did not experience any freight flow interruptions whatsoever and never went down.

The management staff of Ellerman Snow Removal is impeccable and without a blemished reputation made this 2013-2014 snow season a complete success not only for our facility, customers, and employee’s. Precise scheduling, customer considerations, zero tolerance for freight flow interruptions, constant monitoring of Booth Avenue for ice buildup , and proper execution of the snow removal process made this nationwide record breaking winter a complete success.

All safety rules and regulations while on YRC Freight property were followed to the letter and without incident. No property damage whatsoever occurred during the snow removal process. Listed below are the Ellerman Snow Removal professional staff members that I had the pleasure to work with now and looking foreward to the future.

William J. Jonas III
Properties Coordinator - Facilities Maintenance - YRC Freight - Field Resource Center, Overland Park, KS