Kansas City Snow Removal

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  • Snow & ice removal
  • Trained crews for any condition
  • 24/7 Service
  • A plan in place before the storm
  • 24 hour communication
  • Member of SIMA
  • 24 hour weather conditions for all our customers
  • Salt & icemelt stockpile for the worst conditions

Providing the Best Service in the Worst Conditions

Snow Removal - Gallery image 5At Ellerman Snow Removal we safely remove ice & snow and therefore ensure that you to travel with ease. The snow removal services that we offer are complete and they include; snow plowing, shoveling, hauling maintenance, clearing sidewalks, driveways, removing ice and even salting. We are well equipped with state of the art commercial pushers, grade snow plows front-end loaders as well as skid steers. At Ellerman Snow Removal, we are available 24/7 to provide you with the assistance you need in relocating and removing snow from your site.

We offer snow removal services to commercial properties such as shopping centers, corporate offices, retail stores, medical facilities and also industrial properties. We have a team of experienced professionals who can help you with all your winter service needs and they are available at any time of the day (around the clock). Our staff members are well equipped with the right equipment, radios as well as terrain vehicles that are used for removing the snow and ice. Our services are both very competitive & reliable and this is in addition to the fact that we are available during the entire snow season. To all our ongoing customers, we provide a custom flat rate services and also hand shoveling services as required. You can contact us now and we will give you all the information about our services so that you can plan your schedule for snow removal. Snow Removal - Gallery image 6

Ellerman Snow Removal has been owned & operated for 25 years. Our crew consists of 250 – 300 members and we have a fleet of more than 85 trucks. We have managed to include over 100 properties in our business with most of them being repeat customers for over ten years.

Our approach to snow removal at Ellerman Snow Removal is proactive and that is why we provide safe conditions all the time. Our company is a member f Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) and therefore we are up to date on all the new technologies in the snow industry. Our customers are our priority and we believe in offering the best customer service experience to all our clients. We follow the weather all the time and make sure to inform our clients on the status of the developing storms and even during the storms, we keep them updated through emails. Our multiple contacts are available 24 hours a day and we make sure that we provide you with excellent customer service and attend to all your needs.

Our service area includes the entire Kansas City Metropolitan area from KCI airport
to Olathe, Lee’s Summit to Liberty and everything in between.
We break up the Metropolitan area into 5 zones. Each of the zones has a
supervisor who oversees multiple locations in their area throughout the storms.